NJ Commercial Cleaning Company

Opulent Commercial Cleaning company is a family owned business. Our company has over 25 years experience in the cleaning industry. These credentials give us the ability as a company to offer personable services, that is not only performance driven but focused on the customer’s individual needs. We are devoted to the customer. Each person apart of our organization shares the exact same sentiments.Our customer needs come first.

MOTTO : ” Breath In Quality, Breathe Out Peace of Mind”. The statement is simple, vigorous, and clean; exactly how we provide our services. We want our customers to see the difference of our
cleaning methods through the relief they sense once we have cleaned their facility. Our company wants customers to feel stress-free knowing Opulent Commercial Cleaning is providing janitorial services to their property. With that in Mind, we proudly stand by our motto.

Values We share: Trust, Customer Loyalty, Accountability are just a few of the characteristics we share as a company. Accountability– means if anything goes wrong due to service or any factor around our services; we account for them. We do not believe customer’s should have to pay for services they are unhappy with, therefore any reasonable issues with service will not be charged.

Customer Loyalty– It is important to us as a company to retain quality business customers. Therefore all customer’s with us for 3 years or longer receive one free service per year. We appreciate customer loyalty and reward customers for being loyal customers. It is RARE to find a company that offers FREE service to customers.

Trust- As a company entrusted with a persons most valuable possession, one’s business we take high value in making sure we take care of that possession during each service.  We follow strict entering and closing protocols when entering your business before or after hours.