Opulent Commercial Cleaning Exceeding Expectations:  Quality Service, Knowledgeable, and Professional Staff.

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Opulent Commercial Cleaning has been serving businesses
in the New Jersey area for over 25 years. We are a family owned and operated company. Opulent is committed to providing cleaning services that are exceptional and efficient for your facility. We continuously develop our Cleaning services and facility management to best meet your business needs.

Why choose Us ?

  • Our services are personable with a friendly staff

  • We are meticulous and detail oriented 

  • Customer satisfaction is our utmost concern

  • Cleaning products and equipment are always kept updated to meet industry standards

  • Staff follows OSHA mandated protocol 

We Serve Businesses of All Sizes: Big & Small:

Fitness Center

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Financial Institutions


Food Industry


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Religious Institutions








Small Business

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Medical facilities

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Industrial/ Warehouse

A Clean Environment Can Change Your Company Outlook.

Hiring a quality cleaning company can literally change the future of your business. Clean facility’s make a huge impression on employees, customers, visitors, and clients alike. It also improves the quality of air and professional look of your business. Research has found that a clean work environment can even improve employee morale and productivity. Remember how it feels to walk into an office that has freshly been clean. Let us refresh your memory !

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Fully Insured And Bonded