Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding cleaning service, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: When are cleanings usually done ?

A: Typically cleanings are done when your business is closed. This avoids any inconvenience to your employees/ staff and assures optimal results.  

Q: What does your cleaning service include ?

A: Depending on the specifications of your business needs; packages always include basic general cleaning, Ie : mopping, vacuuming, dusting, bathrooms, etc. But you can customize your services based on your company needs. We offer additional services services as well contact us today. 

Q: How much are your services ?

A: Our goal is to always try our best to accommodate your budget. We understand the importance of offering reasonable rates to our business customers. Price is based on the frequency of services, size of property, and service specifications. 

Q: What type of Products Do Your Use ?

A: All the products used are EPA regulated and are utilized as per label specifications. Our staff is professionally trained to handle products within a commercial/business setting. 

Q: Do You Use Bleach to Clean With?

A: No. Bleach is an extremely potent product with a strong undesired smell. We use products that are more than effective and are environmentally friendly. 

Q: Are you Insured ?

A: Yes we are fully insured.

Q: Do I have to Sign a long Term Contract ?

A: No. If at anytime you no longer want to continue with our service, let us know immediately. We want our customers to be happy and comfortable with the services we provide. Opulent’s outstanding customer service is maintained by constantly listening to our customers and providing top notch service. If for any reason we must part ways send us written notification.

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