Medical Office Cleaning Service

Opulent commercial cleaning understands the importance of quality cleaning services for healthcare and Medical facilities. At Opulent we offer thorough cleaning services to your medial facility. Our staff is highly trained and go through required continuous training. These training’s allow our staff to stay abreast to the constant changes in healthcare contamination procedures. Opulent is constantly working hard to meet your requirements. Here at Opulent we are equipped to meet the special needs  required to maintain medical offices and facilities.

Many Healthcare Facilities use us as Their Top Choice Cleaning Company

Why Choose Us for Your Healthcare Facility :

  • We follow Specific safety protocol in Your Facility

  • Sectional cleaning to avoid cross-contamination

  • Micro-fiber system

  • We follow OSHA rules

  • Opulent is family owned and operated

  • We are a boutique company branded with a well known Pest Control company and offer janitorial supplies.

  • Opulent follows strict labeling guidelines when apply product